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Roles & Responsibilities

Team Managers play a critical role in communicating with parents, coaches and other teams. They are key to the overall success of the Wellesley Premier Club. Outlined below are expectations for Team Managers. At least one Team Manager will be assigned to each Wellesley Club team. If you are interested in becoming a team manager, please contact Lewis at premierleague at wellesleysoccer.org

The Team Manager will perform the following duties:

·    Maintain an up-to-date contact list for your team (including email addresses and cell phone numbers). 

·    Be the primary point of contact for your team with respect to changes in practices, games, etc., and be prepared to notify team members of any changes or updates. 

·    Keep track of players availability for practice and games using the Team Snap App.

·    Act as the primary liaison and point of contact for our opposing teams (typically with the opposing team’s own Team Manager). For each home and away game, confirm the time, place and location and communicate this information to team members at least 3 days before the game.

·    Understand that a manager has no responsibility regarding strategy, technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of the game as well as player positions and play time. All of those questions are directed to the coach.

·    Foster positive communication between the coach and parents.

·    Communicate and follow the 24-hour rule (i.e. in the event of any coaching or game related concerns, the parent should wait 24 hours after the game before discussing an issue).

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